You did it! You made it to the end of another year. Whether you are sliding in feeling frazzled and spent or easing into it feeling peaceful and content, you have arrived.  Pause and give thanks. Breathe and take it all in. This truly is one glorious life that we have to do with as we choose.  How have you chosen to spend it this year?  Congratulate yourself on your successes and be kind with yourself about the things that feel less than that. Instead, think about what small gift may have come from your difficulties. Give thanks for that.

We are headed into a whole new year. What intentions would you like to set? How do you want to feel in December, 2016?  Set your priorities now to align with those intended feelings, and then step lightly into the future.

Kickstart your healthy living with one of my January group cleanses. If you want to commit to feeling better in 2016, participate in Joyful Jumpstart, either in person or the online group!  Or, if you’ve done Joyful Jumpstart and want a deeper dive into Mindful Eating, consider Joyful Journey. Use the code Jump16 to save $50 through December 31 on any of the January programs.

My year end has been busy. Joyful Eats has moved! I am now sharing an office with Byers Functional Medicine in Shorewood, WI. Join us for our Open House as we celebrate our new space on Thursday, Jan. 7 from 4-6 pm.

Wishing you a year filled with nourishment – body, mind and spirit. Thanks for being a part of what made this year so special for me. You inspire me every day!

Happy Holidays,

Vibrant Living is Within Reach

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