If you want to eat better yet you just aren’t sure where to start, then this program is for you.  Starting from Scratch™: Planting the Seeds of Sustainable Health is a 4-week program that helps you to slowly, gently and easily transition from a diet filled with too many convenience, processed and fast-foods to your own home-cooked meals made from real ingredients.  This program provides you with nutrition facts, skills and confidence to prepare delicious nutrient dense meals that can feed your cells, boost energy, improve moods and sleep, and support weight loss.

Our fast-paced lives and fast food culture leave us energy depleted and prime for illness and disease.  Foods in boxes and bags are often lacking the nutrients our cells rely on to function while creating a toxic burden for our bodies to process, laying the foundation for health problems.  What they promise upfront in low prices and convenience, we pay for dearly in compromised health and its associated cost both physically and financially.  Choose now to build a new foundation. Address the imbalances that can lead to disease today using food and lifestyle.  Food is medicine and eating is a joyful experience when you have the tools and knowledge to lead you back to thriving.

This 4-week program includes:

  • 4 weekly meetings
  • Nutrition Information to support a healthy lifestyle, no diets or fads
  • Joyful Eats Pantry List
  • Tips for setting up a kitchen that works for you
  • Menus and recipes
  • Food demos to taste & learn how to prepare simple and delicious foods from scratch
  • Money and Time-saving Strategies to make it all possible
  • Ongoing monthly support in a private Facebook group

Give yourself the gift of Good Health. Enroll in Starting from Scratch ™ for the know-how and confidence to serve up real home-cooked meals that nourish you and your family. It’s the foundation to build vibrant health. 

Joyful Jumpstart™ group programs are starting on a regular basis.  Decide which of the three series work best for you.  See the Calendar for upcoming Joyful Jumpstart™ programs.