When I first did Joyful Jumpstart. I was apprehensive. I’m not one to naturally be regimented or follow rules – especially food rules – well!  With Barb’s kind encouragement, non-judgmental attitude and her buckets of recipes, tips and ideas, it was EASY.  I found within a few days I had more energy and much more stable moods.

The biggest surprise, besides not being hungry, was I didn’t need the ibuprofen I usually use for my arthritic neck!  Go ahead and jump joyfully in! 

– Barb S.

I came into the “Joyful” program as a curious newbie to healthy, clean eating! Working with Barb is truly a JOYFUL experience. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, professional and meets you wherever you are; novice or pro! I continue to be amazed at how wonderful it feels to be making healthy choices and seeing the results of those choices in so many ways.; energy, skin health, overall well-being. This is unlike any other “diet” I’ve ever tried. Though it was a radical change for me personally, I don’t feel deprived or haunted by cravings. I’m Jumping for Joy about the new world of healthy eating to which Barb has introduced me.

– Danna N.

Participating in Joyful Jumpstart was a powerful experience. I felt energetic and upbeat during the cleanse, and grateful to learn new ways to eat well. Being part of a group was key — the energy of Barb and other group members helped me stay the course at challenging times (i.e., eating out, family celebrations). I also got to explore some of the habits I’ve developed that prevent me from eating like this all the time. I’d like to participate in the class again; now that I understand the basics, it will be easier to address deeper issues that get in my way. Thank you Barb!!!

– Sue C.

It was another morning, like all the others, waking up with no energy, tired after 8 hours of sleep, and unmotivated to do anything about it. That day a description of Barb’s Joyful Jumpstart program showed up on my Facebook. Words like “lighter”, “leaner”, “more energy”, “healthy eating”, jumped out at me! I called a friend and we signed up together – I could do 5 weeks! In Barb’s class I learned about stocking my pantry with healthy foods, how to cook using new, fun ingredients, and ways to make my old favorites even healthier. Most importantly, I learned, and experienced, the direct connection between diet and my overall health. Barb is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and her gentle, nurturing manner encouraged me throughout the program. I will definitely take this class again! 

– Sarah R.

I didn’t THINK I had any health issues, but after participating in Joyful Jumpstart, hence changing the way I ate for 4 weeks, I was amazed at how GREAT I felt.  I felt lighter and leaner!  And my skin was clearer!  Maybe what I liked best was learning about the foods I had been choosing and learning about the foods I introduced in my daily life (my diet).  I am eating cleaner and leaner and truly appreciating how I feel.  

I LOVED working with Barb – she is easy to talk with and easy to work with.  In addition, she is so knowledgeable about foods and what foods do to our bodies and minds; I learned so much.  I went through Joyful Jumpstart TWICE because I loved how I felt when I was paying close attention and changing up the foods that I fed my body and soul, and I truly learned MORE with Barb’s guidance and knowledge.  Since my initial Joyful Jumpstart I have been changing (happily) the way I shop for food, prepare food, and eat food. I intend to join another Joyful Jumpstart just to learn more!  I love and appreciate how I feel with the food choices I’ve learned to make.

– Jan S.

Joyful Jumpstart with Barb was a very positive experience for me.  Having eaten bread and dairy my entire life, it was hard to imagine my morning routine without a steaming cup of coffee and an English muffin smeared with cream cheese and globs of orange marmalade.  It was equally difficult for me to envision giving up sugar and all processed foods, especially ice cream.  But, I did!  Within a few days, my cravings for bread and sugar subsided and I noticed that I wasn’t taking my morning antacid to quell the burning feeling in my gut and throat.  

Honestly, I felt a little tired the first 4 days and played it simple by munching on fruits and vegetables.  However, by time the 5th day rolled around, I got my energy back and started to search through the recipes that Barb sent me.  

I love to cook, so my kitchen has always boldly greeted my guests with the pungent fragrances of garlic, onions, cumin or turmeric.  But in the past, I always cooked with dairy – making sauces rich in both butter and milk.  Today, although the welcoming wisps of curry still fill the air, now missing are the sticks of butter and cartons of half and half on my counter.  Now, there are Raw Cashews!  Who knew you could soak these little buggers and not only make delicious sauces and salad dressing, but sour cream?  Barb helped me discover a host of different ways to cook without dairy, soy, wheat or sugar.

I truly enjoyed chatting with Barb on the phone each week.  As we reviewed my week’s progress and the new postings she had placed in my drop box, I began to honestly evaluate my relationship with food.  I always knew that I ate more when I was upset or frustrated, but I never saw this as my way of punishing myself.  When I started being truly honest with myself about my food choices, “Ok, Cate, what are you doing here?” did I start to gain control over not only how much I ate, but what I ate.   At 62 years old, this is quite the discovery.  I never started this nutritional experience to lose weight, but I did.  I never considered examining my relationship with food, but what I learned with Barb’s help, this was the key to me buying, cooking and eating healthy.  

Thank you Barb!  You honestly, humor and wisdom has changed my life!

– Cate W.

Recently I completed a Joyful Jumpstart with Barb Heinen. Actually complete is incorrect, for what really happened was the start of a continuing journey of learning and exploring my lifestyle and dietary habits.  My hope on starting this program was three fold:

1- Kick a bad sugar habit I acquired when quitting smoking.

2-Hopefully loose some weight.

3-Help control some elevated cholesterol thru diet rather than pills.

Joyful Jumpstart has proven to be most rewarding. It for sure did present a challenge but the rewards I have experienced prove worth the effort.  I have lost 15 pounds in 6 -8 weeks time, and recently had blood work done and saw improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. All very encouraging!!

I can not thank Barb enough for the encouragement and gentle guidance she provides in her teachings.

Its actually been fun to put into practice some the tools I learned in the class. I now find myself actually enjoying a much more healthy and thoughtful diet , exploring a wider range of whole foods, good veggies , and more healthful choices.

I would highly recommend Barb’s Teachings!!

– Bob G.