This Joyful Eats signature program is a fast way to reboot your body, mind and spirit through food choices, mindset shifts and strategic lifestyle changes.  Quickly jumpstart towards better health in this 4-week program. Eat delicious real foods during the month and eliminate the ingredients that are difficult for our bodies to process and most often tax our immune systems.

With Joyful Jumpstart ™: a Focused 4-week Healthy Living Intensive, you can expect to:

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep, digestive issues, congestion, joint pain
  • Detoxify your body and reset your metabolism
  • Nurture vibrant health
  • Build new mindset practices
  • Reconnect to your body’s innate wisdom

Ideal weight and well-being is rooted in more than just what you eat, it’s also why and how. We’ll explore those connections. Gift yourself a month of mindful eating amongst a supportive group of others doing the same. As you focus on small positive shifts, you’ll release some of the old habits that are keeping you stuck. This is a great place to start your health shift or to simply recalibrate throughout the year.  Many clients participate in this Joyful Jumpstart ™ program often.

 With Joyful Jumpstart ™: a Focused 4-week Healthy Living Intensive  you:

  • Learn why nutrient-dense real foods are the building blocks of health.
  • Prepare easy meals built around foods that minimize sensitivities, reduce inflammation, and supply clean and sustained energy.
  • Look at the dynamics between food choices, thoughts, beliefs, energy and health.
  • Support and encourage each other as we gently shift towards life-enhancing choices.

When your food choices are aligned with your unique chemistry, and you are feeding yourself what you really need, your body feels better, your energy soars and your passion for living blossoms.

Joyful Jumpstart ™  includes:

  • 4 weekly meetings. Choose either an in-person or online program
  • pantry list, menu ideas & recipes
  • food demos to learn how to prepare real foods at home
  • ongoing support through private Facebook group
  • nutrition education
  • mindset practices
  • metabolism boosting strategies
  • inspiration for you to make choices that support your beautiful self.

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Joyful Jumpstart™ group programs are starting on a regular basis.

Decide which of the three series work best for you. If you don’t live near the group location, consider participating in our Online group. It’s a 4-week series of live calls.